As an optimistic psychotherapist with over thirty years experience, I remain convinced in the human capacity for tapping into a deep source of inner wisdom. Each individual can develop the self-knowledge and self-acceptance they need to confront their challenges and to restore a compassionate perspective to their lives. 

Working with both systemic and experiential approaches, we will tackle the process using a lively sense of curiosity, open hearts and regular doses of humor.




Cece saw her first client, a thirteen-year old sexually abused runaway foster child, at a community-based family services agency in 1978. Initially trained as a structural-strategic family therapist, Cece spent the next twelve years working in Chicago with families affected by abuse, neglect and addiction. In addition, she work with adult sexual abuse survivors and eating disordered clients, providing individual, couples and group treatment.

Cece also led workshops and trainings on family therapy and trauma treatment at the Institute for Juvenile Research, the Department of Children and Family Services, The Family Institute at Northwestern and many other mental health agencies. She co-authored a chapter on family treatment with incest-impacted families in the late 1980's.

In 1992 Cece opened her private practice, treating adults, couples and families. She began teaching experiential classes for women at Governor State University and for three years was adjunct faculty at the Jane Addams School of Social Work at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Cece expanded her clinical focus to include the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy in the late 1990's. She is a Senior Trainer for the Center for Self Leadership and since 2004 has led IFS training programs across the country and internationally. Cece will contribute a chapter on IFS approaches to treating addiction for the upcoming book on IFS Perspectives.

Another component of Cece's work is the intersection of psychotherapy with spirituality. She has worked with various groups, ranging from Zen communities, to those with traditional religious beliefs, to Twelve-Step followers, on embracing their vision of the inner spirit into the practice of psychotherapy.

Cece has also become fascinated by the impact of psychotherapy upon the life of the clinician. She is currently developing and co-authoring a project exploring the personal narratives of psychotherapists from across the world.

When not working, Cece loves spending time with her daughters and other family and friends, exploring the neighborhoods of Chicago. She also can be found walking or biking the dunes surrounding Lake Michigan.






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